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Does it matter when the rapture happens? Yes, for the Lord tells us in Revelation 2-3 that there are three different scenarios that different groups in the church will face if the rapture is pre-wrath. Those three ways are rapture, martyrdom, and death by the Lord. (more…)


Last year I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. As I learned more about diabetes, I cut down on sugar and processed foods. My wife added more fruits and vegetables to the home meals. I ate smaller portions, and spread the food over five meals a day. I made sure to keep on weightlifting.

My lifestyle changes were not particularly difficult to make. Why was my transition to a new diabetic lifestyle so smooth? Shouldn’t I have mumbled more over eating less chocolate? Why wasn’t I grouchier after eating a smaller meal than usual? Because, as a Christian, it has already been normal to repent of old behaviors and to take up new ones. (more…)