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Does it matter when the rapture happens? Yes, for the Lord tells us in Revelation 2-3 that there are three different scenarios that different groups in the church will face if the rapture is pre-wrath. Those three ways are rapture, martyrdom, and death by the Lord. (more…)


One reason why I would have no incentive to prepare for Christ’s coming is if I believe the Rapture of the church includes all members of the church, without exception. For other believers, the promise of a Rapture from a loving Savior prompts them to lay down their lives for Him in gratitude. This is a wonderful response to the Rapture promise, but it is not shared by those whose love for the Savior is absent.

To those of you who are lukewarm in your affections for the Lord, and are depending on a universal Rapture, what if I could show you that the Rapture is conditional? We’ll find in Revelation chapters two and three that Jesus makes a difference among believers regarding who will be rewarded and who will not. One of the conditional rewards offered is the Rapture. (more…)

Is the Church in crisis? When we focus on only a small part of a whole, we tend to neglect the big picture. When we do that, we may conclude wrongly and take inappropriate action. For instance, we read, “On the basis of that testimony the Alabama Court of the Judiciary removed Chief Justice Roy Moore from office and stripped him of his reputation.” The government did not remove Judge Moore from office based on his beliefs about Jesus, but because he would not obey the order to remove the display.


“Doesn’t God treat the Church differently than the Israelites? Surely the Old Testament isn’t as relevant as the New.”

Paul quotes many Old Testament passages and applies them to the Church. (more…)