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I’ve changed my web site host to one that supports WordPress, and am gradually moving my blogs there. I’ve separated Doubt Busters into its own blog so the articles would be easier to search. Take a look at it here:


This slide show by Steve Husting answers an age-old question that has troubled many people. Let’s look behind the scenes of the question and see what actually occurred at the time of the Flood. This slide show, based on a chapter from Steve’s book, Doubt Busters, will help remove crippling doubts about the fairness of God in passing judgment.

Ready for a Reward

Posted: June 15, 2008 in Steve's Books

This immensely practical book answers many important questions related to the Judgment Seat of Christ, such as:

***What are the prerequisites for receiving the greatest rewards?

***Will Jesus judge us according to our works?

***Will God remember my sins after I die?

***Since I’m already saved, do I really need to worry about a time of judgment?


How can you face the coming judgment with confidence, prepared to meet Christ?

If you are trusting in your works, that they are good enough, then you need this book. You’ll learn to cease depending on the flesh to find true power in the Spirit. You’ll turn from the Law to live by faith to gain the righteousness needed for a reward. You’ll stop trusting in your works and lean on God’s grace for a fuller salvation. (more…)

Doubt Busters

Posted: June 15, 2008 in Steve's Books

“Why would the law put a child to death for hitting or cursing his parents?”

“Why did an angry God kill everyone at the Flood?”

“If God is all-powerful, why doesn’t he stop all suffering?”

These age-old difficulties have caused many people to question the Christian faith. They are tough questions, but they have solid, satisfying answers that can banish your doubts. (more…)