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What does the “pre” refer to in the words pre-tribulation and pre-wrath? It refers to an event that occurs prior to another event. Specifically, it refers to the rapture, the removal of people from the earth, before either a 7-year tribulational period or a shorter period of wrath.

Information has come to light regarding many inconsistencies in the pre-tribulation position, which has caused many to depart from that doctrine to embrace the doctrine of the pre-wrath rapture. In his book, The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church, Marvin Rosenthal gives us several reasons why the pre-wrath rapture timing has convinced people of having a better foundation on the truth of God’s word. (more…)


Does it matter when the rapture happens? Yes, for the Lord tells us in Revelation 2-3 that there are three different scenarios that different groups in the church will face if the rapture is pre-wrath. Those three ways are rapture, martyrdom, and death by the Lord. (more…)