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“How can you prove that God exists?”
“Why did an angry God kill everyone at the Flood?”
“If God is all-powerful, why doesn’t he stop all suffering?”
“Why would the law put a child to death for hitting or cursing his parents?”

These age-old Bible difficulties have caused many people to question the Christian faith. They are tough questions, but they have solid, satisfying answers that can banish your doubts. In this section, Doubt Busters will answer these questions with a friendly, readable style using Bible passages, personal anecdotes, and analogies from nature. The author drew from his years of preaching and writing devotionals to write plainly and root his answers in the word of God.

Who should read this? Doubt Busters is perfect for those whose faith is being crippled by nagging doubts, for it gives plain yet full answers to perplexing Bible questions. It’s a terrific resource for those who want to share their faith, and want to answer the questions that come their way. It’s a great read for young people who are just starting to think about what their faith means to them.

This Doubt Busters online resource is also available in print, as an iPhone app, and on the Kindle as an ebook.