About the Categories

Each category is like a different section of a library. Check out the “bookshelves” below so you’ll know where to find what. Most of my posts are brief – just the right length for Internet reading.

Doubt Busters

Answering the questions that challenge our faith! Look here to see if any of your perplexing Bible questions have been answered.

Book Reviews

These books cover some aspect of getting ready for Christ’s return. I would expect books talking about the end times to include information about the coming judgment and how to get ready for it. I’m disappointed when a fabulous book on the end times fails to warn the reader about getting ready, and excited to find books that link readiness and the end times together.

Jesus on Judgment

These articles were culled from my book, Living with the End in View, Book 1. If you had ever wondered what Jesus said about getting ready for judgment day, you’ll find your answers here. After reading these articles, you’ll see that judgment day for Christians is a well-grounded fact – based on the words of Christ Himself. These articles are devotional in format, full of Scripture, and easy to read with practical suggestions for implementing the Lord’s teaching.

Kingdom Exclusion

Will Christians be completely excluded from the 1,000-year Millennium Kingdom spoken of in Revelation 20? If so, will they come back again or will they be banished forever? Is kingdom exclusion (Gal. 5:21) addressed to Christians or to unbelievers in the church? This dialog addresses the issues.

Main passages on readiness

Were you ever unsure whether Christians will face judgment? This brief section covers several key passages that are central to the doctrine of the coming judgment Christians will face. I have chosen the most clearly worded verses I could find and explained why they should matter to us.

Steve’s Books

I’ve been writing about getting ready for Christ’s return for several years. These practical books are a compilation of my findings. Many of my writings first saw the light of day in my YahooGroup, Living with the End in View, before finding a permanent home between the covers of a book. All books were first sent to manuscript editors for polishing prior to publishing. If you like the writings on this web site, you’ll find more of the same in my books.

Thoughts on Getting Ready for Christ’s Return

While the other categories are articles that fit within defined themes, the thoughts here are more free-flowing and wide-ranging, but still cover the various aspects of readiness.