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Here are my observations of the conversation recorded in the comments under “Exploring Kingdom Exclusion” at an earlier date.

Rev. 20 shows us the punishment of the Devil, who is bound for a thousand years (Rev. 20:1-3). This would be a good place to show that Christians would be excluded from the kingdom for a thousand years also. Nevertheless, many details are absent from Revelation, such as the rapture occurring in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. Such details we find outside of Revelation. May we not need to look elsewhere to find Christians excluded from the kingdom for a thousand years? We’ll find Christians excluded from the kingdom in Gal. 5:21. The question is, is it for a thousand years, never, or for ever? (more…)


I had a great time at the Kingdom Conference in Mansfield, Texas in early 2008. The pastor, Joey Faust, author of The Rod: Will God Spare It? had invited me to share a word in his church gathering.

My message, called “Preparing for Christ’s Return: Myths and Misconceptions,” is available for free audio listening at the church’s website, under their Audio Sermons button. Click on “Audio” then on the Preacher drop-down box for my name, Steve Husting.

The message covers the various reasons that hindered me from getting ready for Christ’s return. Chances are, you’ll identify with a few. I use examples from Scripture and daily life to make my teachings clear and practical.