Preparing for Christ’s Return

Posted: June 14, 2008 in Book Reviews

Preparing for Christ’s Return

©1999 Charles Stanley
Thomas Nelson Publishers
107 pages, PB

Stanley’s book is very practical. Geared to those not familiar with prophecy, Stanley takes his reader by the hand from understanding key terms (such as “Rapture”), prophecies of His return, signs of His coming, three parables about getting ready, why the Lord is coming, and the Rapture.

Much Scripture is provided along with space to write our response to what the Word is saying. Stanley’s terse commentaries on these passages focus tightly on the believer’s practical expression of preparation.

Charles Stanley believes in the pretribulation view of the rapture. He gives four reasons, but no Scripture to support his claims. This is odd in a book filled with verses and supporting commentary. Why not give chapter and verse?

Refreshingly, this book is not afraid to speak out against lack of preparedness. It promises severe reprimands against the unfaithful.

His introduction explains the book’s purpose well, and I quote a portion: “This is not a Bible study book that deals with precisely when the Lord is coming. Rather, it is a book to help us live in a constant state of readiness for His appearing. It is a book to help us prepare for His return, and to help us prepare others for His coming.”

This book will go a long way to introducing a believer to the notion of preparedness beyond the initial born again experience–provided the reader follows seriously the exercises in the book.


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