If By Any Means . . .

Posted: June 14, 2008 in Book Reviews

If By Any Means . . .

R. E. Neighbor
©1985 Conley & Schoettle Publishing Co., Inc.
127 pages, PB

Neighbor’s short book presents powerful Scriptures to encourage us to attain a full reward. It covers several weighty themes bearing upon our life now which will impact the judgment to come.

For instance, Paul sought not just the resurrection from the dead, for all will be raised. All Christians will be resurrected, but not all Christians will reign.

Neighbor’s studies of the somber teachings of Christ’s judgment of the believer challenge us to live a holy life. If you thought Christians would never be judged by their works, this book gives a clear teaching of the doctrine.

Neighbor devotes an entire helpful section delineating verses on grace and works lest we miss out on a reward.

Scriptures on the coming Millennial kingdom of Christ teach us of various degrees of enjoyment by the Christian. Will we through a crucified life enter with full privileges, or will we through a carnal life be disqualified from any honors?

This is one of those few books clearly tying our behavior with readiness for our appearance before Christ.


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