Firstfruits and Harvest

Posted: June 14, 2008 in Book Reviews

Firstfruits and Harvest

G. H. Lang
©1985 Conley& Schoettle Pub. Co. Inc.
89 pages, PB
(Originally released in 1940 & 1946.)

This is a fascinating, carefully-researched study deserving of its subtitle, A Study in Resurrection and Rapture. It’s scant 89 pages belies its astonishing depth of scholarship. Lang methodically covers the scriptural basis for two resurrections and raptures, exposing many present-day end-times misconceptions in the process. He compares Scripture with Scripture and shows us the need for holy readiness before the Lord’s coming.

Of special interest are the sections answering where the Christians (spirit, soul and body) go when they die, and when the judgment of the believer takes place.

This book covers the area of the end-times bookshelf that is rarely given space–the connection between resurrection worthiness and judgment according to works that inspires one to holy living.


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