What keeps you from getting ready for Judgment Day?

Posted: March 19, 2008 in Thoughts on Getting Ready for Christ's Return

One of the barriers that kept me from getting ready for the judgment seat of Christ was the knowledge that God is good. Let me explain.

I’ve been to several different churches. Each church had a different culture. At my current church, the culture stresses God’s love toward us and His grace. It stresses faith, hope and love. In this culture, what happens if you receive a teaching of God’s judgment or of the fear of God? Since you are accustomed to hearing that God is good to His children, you would think that verses speaking of a negative judgment will apply to non-believers, not to believers. The “good and faithful servant” is a believer while the “wicked lazy servant” is an unbeliever. The wise virgins are believers and the foolish virgins are unbelievers.

In this scenario, a wrong understanding of the goodness of God can be a barrier to getting ready for Christ’s return. Statements about judgment toward a believer are met with, “Jesus loves me, so He will never judge me.” Are you so focused on God’s love that you cannot see that He will also judge?


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