Cho and Sister

Posted: April 26, 2007 in Thoughts on Getting Ready for Christ's Return

Reporters and commentators who are analyzing Cho’s murder of 31 people and his suicide on the campus of Virginia Tech are in a bind. They would usually point to a poor upbringing as one reason for the carnage. The problem is Cho’s sister, who is as different than her brother as day is to night. While Cho was moody and practically never said a word or mixed with other students, she was bright, and attended Princeton and the Bible studies there.

Cho and his sister grew up in the same home, same neighborhood, with the same parents. One took life from others. One shared new life with others.

Cho’s sad story reminded me of Jesus’ story of the faithful and evil servant in Matthew 24:45-50. Both servants received responsibility to oversee the household while the master was away. Both had the same master, same house, same finances, and same instructions. Both received the same opportunities.

When the master returned, he blessed one and cast out the other. One took full advantage of his duties to be faithful to his master. The other took advantage of the situation to live for himself.

We are not victims of our circumstances. The circumstances do not change us. What changes us is our response to the circumstances. Cho’s circumstances were not the deciding factor, his attitude was. But for his sister, Jesus made all the difference. Does Jesus decide your affairs, or do your sin and weaknesses?

If you tell yourself that Jesus is delaying His coming (as did the evil servant), you can watch your life unravel. But you are of God, readers. You have the same Holy Spirit who lived in Christ and empowered Him. Love Him with all your heart, and negative circumstances will not make a dent. “In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

The world is not a cheery place. The joy we share comes from above.


Some have commented that Cho was insane, so this article is unfair. I disagree. The psychiatrists who said Cho was insane are the same people who deny that we are sinners. If Cho was normal, they would have said so. If Cho had problems, they would have a name for it, but it would never be “sinner.”

One of his teachers wrote that she nearly quit her job because he was mean. She denied that he was a troubled youth–specifically saying that he’s “just mean.” She had several girls who would not sign up for her class again because he was in it, for he was cruel when critiquing their papers.

I could sympathize with Cho if he was insane; in that case he deserves our compassion. But the video content he left behind seems to indicate that he was just plain hostile toward whites and the upper class. This indicates that his rage was sparked by racism, envy, and hatred, plain and simple.


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