A God of no judgment?

Posted: March 22, 2005 in Thoughts on Getting Ready for Christ's Return

Several Christians have responded to the idea of a future judgment for Christians with, “Jesus will never leave me nor forsake me,” as though there will be no judgment. We forget that the God who brought out Israel from Egypt with a strong hand later killed 14,700 after the people murmured against God’s leadership (Num. 16:41-50). He later brought in poisonous serpents to kill “many” of the people of God who complained (Num. 21:4-9).

Has God acted any differently in the New Testament? We forget that the Savior who gave us the Lord’s Supper to remember Him by also killed many in the church, chastening those who mistreated these symbols (1 Cor. 11:27-32). Did He leave or forsake His people then? No, for the saved but disobedient and unbelieving will rise up, their names in the Book of Life (Rev. 20:12-15). They will avoid the Lake of Fire, but will miss the Millennium Kingdom because they persisted in carnality.

The Lord will not forsake us, but neither will He honor those who forget Him.


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